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The NFL’s Existential Crisis Just Got Worse

The fall of football and the NFL may slowly be in motion, and its further decline may have just been witnessed in the pages of the New York Times. Specifically, I am talking about a study published yesterday in the … Continue reading

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Who Can Revive Derrick Rose’s Career?

I  believe Derrick Rose is one of the most tragic figures in American sports history. The moment the Chicago Bulls won the draft lottery in 2008 with less than a 1 percent chance of winning the top pick, the universe … Continue reading

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Bulls Have No Process to Trust

After almost one year of endless rumors and speculation, it’s official: the Bulls have traded Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Kris Dunn, Zach Lavine, and the seventh pick in yesterday’s draft. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Warriors-Cavaliers Rivalry

For the past three seasons, the trilogy of NBA Finals matchups between Golden State and Cleveland have been full of indelible moments and unforgettable storylines. One of those indelible moments could be found in the ecstatic and chaotic aftermath in … Continue reading

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How I Learned To Stop Hating and Appreciate LeBron

Quick trivia question: Who was the last Eastern Conference team to make it to the NBA Finals without LeBron James on the roster? If you were thinking the 2010 Boston Celtics, congrats, you get a prize. It is wild to … Continue reading

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The Colin Kaepernick Saga: Football, Patriotism and Protest

The great American writer and novelist James Baldwin once wrote: “I love America more than any other country in this world, and for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” In light of recent controversial events … Continue reading

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NBA Finals Preview Extravaganza

Here it is, folks! The NBA Finals have finally arrived. In what has quickly become one of the more anticipated Finals in some time, there are plenty of storylines to go around in making this matchup incredibly intriguing. We’ve got … Continue reading

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2012 College Football Preview

It is the best time of year again; college football season. 2012, like every year before, promises to be another season full of shocking upsets, legendary performances, and the renewing of rivalries. In this post, I will offer my predictions … Continue reading

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Nike’s Greatness

; While watching the Olympics over the last week, I have noticed a string of Nike ads that have truly caught my eye and reminded me why sports are such an inspiration to us all. The ads, narrated by the … Continue reading

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A Prediction Gone Awry

The Rivalry is No More A few days ago I posted about the decline of Michael Phelps and the rise of his rival swimmer Ryan Lochte in these Olympic Games. I wrote about Lochte becoming the face of the 2012 … Continue reading

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ESPN’s East Coast bias strikes again!

There are some truths no one can deny. The sky is blue, the sun rises in East, Fox News has right-wing, MSNBC has a left-wing bias, and ESPN has an East Coast bias. Now about that East Coast bias. Rarely … Continue reading

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Phelps Flops, Lochte Locked In

The 2012 Olympics began with a splash and thud.  The splash came when Ryan Lochte swam away with an easy win in 400 IM to give Team USA their first gold in the London Games.  And the thud came when swimming’s most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, finished in mightily disappointing fourth place finish — not to mention he did not appear to congratulate the winner.  The 400 IM was hyped to be the first of many Olympic showdowns between rivals and the world’s top swimmers — only to have Lochte leave Phelps in the waves and the rivalry falling victim to another case of too much media hype.  Ryan Lochte in no way surprised anyone with his gold but the fact that Michael Phelps was not even able to find his way onto the medal stand leaves most scratching their heads and with questions galore.  Was Phelps even ready for the Olympics? Will regain his traditional form? Is he now outside his prime? Is Ryan Lochte just plain better than his rival. The one thing we all now know is that the American swimming hierarchy is now reversed with Lochte taking over the top spot in the pecking order over his main rival.  Coming into the Games, most observers, including myself, assumed that Phelps was still the world’s top swimmer.  Unfortunately for Phelps, his performance on Day 1 erased all notions that he is still the world’s best.  Lochte settled all doubts by proving that he was better and more prepared to keep Michael from repeating his success from Beijing. 

I’m not expert on Olympic swimming, but as a sports fan I realize when a star’s day in the sun has come and gone.  Everyone should begin to take notice the decline of the world’s most famous swimmer is upon us.  Phelp’s made history in 2008, now it is his turn to make way for the ascent of fellow swimmer Ryan Lochte.  As Michael had his tremendous run in 2008, it is looking very promising that Lochte will have the expectations to match his rival’s past success — as it looks as if Ryan has and will surpass Phelps as the world’s best swimmer.  Phelps will win medals — silver and bronze— and win gold with the team in the relay, but his dominance as an individual are over at the hands of his rival.  We are witnessing the end of storied Olympic career and the twilight of an Olympic idol.  Before I end; a quote from a famous Briton is appropriate: 

“I have touched the highest point of all my greatness; and from that full meridian of my glory I haste now to my setting: I shall fall like a bright exhalation in the evening, and no man see me more.” 

Henry VII (Act 3, Scene 2)

Continue reading

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