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“Move to the Center, Democrats:” A Response

Once again, there is yet another postmortem piece in a mainstream publication bemoaning what went wrong for the Democratic Party in 2016 and how it should go about rebuilding itself. The latest in this series of takes came yet again … Continue reading

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In Montana, Medicare for All’s First Big Test

November 2018 may seem like a lifetime away, especially with the overwhelming pace of today’s political news. Except, the road to the 2018 midterms and, by extension, the first electoral referendum on Trump and the GOP Congress begins this Thursday. … Continue reading

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The Fed Fails Again

Again, the Senator from Vermont is right on the money.


This should get your blood boiling and Americans onto the streets.  The Fed gives the banks $16 Trillion at close to zero percent interest.  It is basically another bailout and an example of corporate welfare gone berserk.  

For the sake of argument, if the Fed divided up the $16 trillion dollars among the entire U.S. population; each American citizen would receive roughly $51,000.  That would have given every man, woman, and child, from NYC to LA enough extra income to stimulate the economy.  Any good economist will tell you; consumer demand drives the economy.


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