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Who Can Revive Derrick Rose’s Career?

I  believe Derrick Rose is one of the most tragic figures in American sports history. The moment the Chicago Bulls won the draft lottery in 2008 with less than a 1 percent chance of winning the top pick, the universe … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Warriors-Cavaliers Rivalry

For the past three seasons, the trilogy of NBA Finals matchups between Golden State and Cleveland have been full of indelible moments and unforgettable storylines. One of those indelible moments could be found in the ecstatic and chaotic aftermath in … Continue reading

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How I Learned To Stop Hating and Appreciate LeBron

Quick trivia question: Who was the last Eastern Conference team to make it to the NBA Finals without LeBron James on the roster? If you were thinking the 2010 Boston Celtics, congrats, you get a prize. It is wild to … Continue reading

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NBA Finals Preview Extravaganza

Here it is, folks! The NBA Finals have finally arrived. In what has quickly become one of the more anticipated Finals in some time, there are plenty of storylines to go around in making this matchup incredibly intriguing. We’ve got … Continue reading

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A New Era in Chicago Basketball

Well, Bulls fans, a new era has arrived on the West Side. In the most unsurprising announcement, the Bulls have selected Fred Hoiberg as their next head coach. There was nothing quite shocking about this decision since it has been … Continue reading

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My Breakdown of the USA Basketball roster

My Breakdown of the USA Basketball roster

The 2012 London Games are just over two week away, and that means its time for USA Basketball to again show the world that 2008’s “Redeem Team” was no joke.  Team USA is not nearly as loaded as they were looking about four months ago, due to injuries to Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and Derrick Rose (I’m a Bulls fan, so Rose’s torn ACL made life seem existentially meaningless for a while).  Other than the absence of those three, Team USA is locked and loaded for run at the Gold Medal.  Here is my breakdown of every player on the roster.

LeBron James:  Not much to say here.  The Finals and League MVP is the most imposing menace on this roster and arguably the most athletic man on the Earth.  Expect LeBron to shine once again.

Kevin Durant:  KD shined at the FIBA Championships in 2010, which was just one of the many factors leading to his quick ascent to NBA stardom.  The three-time scoring champ is participating in his first Olympic Games and his participation will raise his game to another level, to think his ceiling isn’t high enough.  I expect Durant to be the team’s top scorer.

Chris Paul:  CP3 is a magician as a supreme ball-hander and will certainly get everyone involved.  All he has to do is not turn the ball over and collect dime after dime, assist after assist.  If you thought Lob City in LA was exhilarating this past season, the Olympics will be that times 5.  Expect Paul to throw-up some artful lobs for alley-oops over the weaker nations.

Kobe Bryant:  Kobe is certainly getting up there in age and has only a few seasons left as elite player, but he had to chosen by Coach K (don’t even want to try writing out his name), regardless of his age.  Kobe wants to finish his international career in style, so expect elite play from him.  He is always tough in the clutch, as I expect him to take some of those shots in close games.

Tyson Chandler:  As we saw with the Mavericks in their championship run and last season with the Knicks, Chandler is the best defensive paint presence in the NBA, as winning the Defensive POY signifies.  He will effectively shut-down the opposing team’s big man and will be the primary defender on Pau Gasol in the, as I predict, USA-Spain final.

Deron Williams:  D-Will will provide this team a big boost when a couple players are on the bench or in foul trouble.

Kevin Love:  Love is the most underrated player on this team, if not the entire NBA.  He is a double-double machine with a smooth outside jumper, especially the beyond arc.  Expect him to dominate the boards while on the floor, while simultaneously spreading the floor with his three-point shooting prowess.  I really think this a terrific selection by Coach K.

Carmelo Anthony:  Regardless that I think that Anthony’s return to the Knicks hurt Jeremy Lin and the rest of the team, he is still a gifted scorer.  He deserves a spot on this team, due to his offensive talent.

Andre Iguodala:  Not a sexy pick, but still he has offensive talent, so I won’t overanalyze this selection to the team.  I would have chosen Rudy Gay over him.

Russell Westbrook:  I’m iffy on this selection.  On one hand Westbrook is a prolific scorer, but on the other hand he won’t be expected to score but be a distributer, which I do not regard as a consistent tendency with him.  He won’t get a lot of minutes, so I do not expect a large contribution from him, other than mop-up duty in the early games when the score is thirty points apart.

Blake Griffin:  Not a big fan on this selection.  Other than being a tremendous dunker, Griffin still needs to develop as a post-up player.  His defensive is suspect at times, as well.  I’m kind of a radical, so Anthony Davis would have a great pick over Blake Griffin.  The number one pick would have brought a shot-blocking presence to this team.

James Harden:  I find the bearded Harden to be a vastly entertaining player.  I love the energy he brings and, of course, he is the spark-plug he is for the Thunder when either Durant or Westbrrok are on the bench.  Harden will be a key player off the bench.

Suggested Starting Five:  LeBron, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Kobe, Tyson Chandler

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